Necklace - Impeccable Brilliants - Silver 925 Swarovski Elements® | Beforya Paris®

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  • Metal: Sterling Silver 925
  • Weight: 1,22 gr
  • Colour: Choice of colour
  • Size: Necklace 17,5 mm x 8 mm / Chain lenght 45 cm.
  • Crystal Size: 8 mm
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  • £17.99

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Necklace - Impeccable Brilliants - Silver 925 Swarovski Elements®


Silver Impeccable Brilliants necklace with Swarovski Elements® crystals is the highest class jewelry from Beforya Paris®, which you can personalize according to your own taste - so that it exudes class and confidence without giving up its originality. With this necklace you can be yourself, but also become whatever you want. How it's possible? Read on...


Twenty-four - you can choose from among the many colors of Swarovski crystals that are an integral part of the Impeccable Brilliants necklace. Choose their color for the jewelry you already have. Make your choice thinking of the upcoming occasions you will take them on. Or just follow your heart and choose the colors that are closest to you. Paradise Paradise Shine, exclusive Emerald or maybe innocent Light Rose? The choice is yours, because you create your fairy tale. You are a director and screenwriter. And only you know what's best for you!


Our necklace is 45 cm long. Both the chain and the pendant are made of high quality silver (925) resistant to tarnishing and abrasion. This precious metal is free of nickel and is extremely durable. By choosing Beforya Paris® jewelry, you decide on a product that will serve you for many years.


Do not delay indefinitely the moment when you play a leading role - order a silver Impeccable Brilliants necklace with Swarovski Elements® crystals today and show everyone what you can do! And if there are people in your life especially close to you, give them a unique gift - one that they will always associate with you.


Maya Angelou once said -

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you felt"

That is why we attach a beautiful box with the Beforya Paris® logo to all our products, a beautiful gift bag with our logo and of course a free surprise.

A gift for you will also be a magic cloth for cleaning jewelry :-), so that you always look wonderful and your jewelry is eternal !!

In addition, you get free shipping no matter what form you choose :-)

You have the option of returning the goods for free within 30 days.

Being aware of the quality of our products, we also give you a 2-year warranty.

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Great with earrings

Jasmine Ambler

I bought a necklace for earrings from the same collection and I'm very happy with the set.

Anna Szpak