Ring - Impeccable Brilliants - Silver 925 - Swarovski Elements® | Beforya Paris®

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  • Metal: Sterling Silver 925
  • Weight: 2,34 gr
  • Colour: Choice of colour
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Crystal Size: 8 mm
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  • £18.99

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Ring - Impeccable Brilliants - Silber 925 - Swarovski Elements® 24 colors

This silver ring with Swarovski crystals "Xirius" is part of the very successful "Impeccable Brilliants" collection, inspired by the perfection and impeccability of diamonds. Now you can also become its owner - check why it is worth having it ...

Stand out from the gray crowd! You can choose up to 24 different colors of Swarovski Elements® crystals for the silver ring from the "Impeccable Brilliants" collection. Adjust them to your character, event, outfit or the weather outside. Perhaps in your case on a date Ruby will be perfect, during a gala dinner you dazzle everyone with Tanzanite, and pure Crystal AB will perfectly match the colors of winter ... Be sure to check all available colors and make the best choice.

To ensure the highest quality of Beforya Paris® jewelry, we use high-quality 925 silver for its production. It guarantees above-average durability, and additionally makes this precious metal resistant to abrasion and tarnishing. It is free of dopants in the form of nickel. Silver is in a class of its own - it is perfectly combined with most creations, and in this case also with Swarovski crystals.

Small dreams are worth fulfilling right away, so today order for yourself one or several silver rings with Swarovski crystals "Xirius" from the "Impeccable Brilliants" collection and dazzle everyone around you. Or maybe you will give them to someone close to you? Think about it...


Maya Angelou once said -

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you felt"

That is why we attach a beautiful box with the Beforya Paris® logo to all our products, a beautiful gift bag with our logo and of course a free surprise.

A gift for you will also be a magic cloth for cleaning jewelry :-), so that you always look wonderful and your jewelry is eternal !!

In addition, you get free shipping no matter what form you choose :-)

You have the option of returning the goods for free within 30 days.

Being aware of the quality of our products, we also give you a 2-year warranty.

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